Friday, October 31, 2008

X berapa open house :p

Ok ke tajuk camtu? Actually we already decide not to make an open house for this year. Yup, coz we just move to ayah house on the early ramadhan. We still tired for moving all my '4 years stuff'...pewww..and additional things for my dearest sons (toys, cloth n etc).

But, since alang keep asking me to make an open house, so at last we did on last saturday with a few guest (adik beradik je). Luckily Kapt. Pait offer to help me for preparing the menu for the so-called open house. We have nasi lemak (complete set), ayam goreng oat, laksa, cheesecake and tiramisu (cake) for all the guest. Air buat air oren je sbb dah penat nak pikir buat air apa dan cepat.

Herein, i show you the table of foods..tihtihtih
Gambar dari side Laksa

Gambar dari side cake

The next entry, i will share with you for the cakes recipe. I tell you, this is not a Secret Recipe and received a good comment from the guest! X tau la ikhlas ke x:p Anyway, tks for coming and licinkan all the foods n minta maaf mana-mana yang terkurang.

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