Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bayi dan demam panas

MJ dapat ni dari berkongsi di sini utk rujukan MJ juga dan juga ibubapa diluar sana.


If your baby has a fever of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius you should consult your pediatrician right away. Only after your doctor has sent you home with instructions to "wait and see" should these methods be used. Most pediatricians will recommend infant Tylenol or Ibuprofen to help bring down your baby's fever, but there is a growing feeling among many parents that they would rather take a more natural approach. 

1) Cool water baby massage.
In a warm room lay out a towel on a waterproof pad (like a changing table pad with the cover removed). Get a bowl of lukewarm water, add a chamomile tea bag to the water if desired, and set it near by. Lay your baby on the towel and remove their clothing (you can leave on the diaper if you want to). Now dip your hands in the water and gently place your hands on your baby's chest. Fan your fingers out and slide your hands down your baby's sides. Take each leg in turn and gently slide your hands up the leg from the toes to the hip 3 or 4 times in a row. Now repeat this motion on each arm 3 or 4 times from fingertips to shoulder.This soothing combination of simple strokes should have a calming effect, if it seems to cause your baby any stress discontinue the massage right away. 

2) Cucumber pacifier.
Take a whole young cucumber (young cucumbers have fewer seeds) and peel one end, then use a paring knife to whittle it into the shape of a thick finger tip, thicker at the base, and slimming near the rounded tip. Remember not to expose any seeds, if the seeds are exposed, they must be trimmed away before the cucumber is offered to your baby. Hold the unpeeled body of the cucumber like a bottle, and offer the cool peeled tip for your baby to suck on. The cooling effect of the cucumber should start to reduce your baby's fever right away. Keep in mind that you should take your baby's temperature under the arm once they begin to suck on the cucumber.

3) Feed your baby more frequently.
Though your baby may seem to have less of an appetite, they actually need more fluids than normal. Dehydration is a very real danger when your baby has a fever, and since often the last thing they want to do is eat, try to offer them smaller feeds more often. If they are breastfeeding you can let them self-regulate, but just offer the breast more often. If your baby is bottle fed, offer about half what they normally eat, but twice as often. 

4) Take a lukewarm bath together.
Both the skin-to-skin contact and the tepid bathwater should be soothing and cooling for your little one. Even if you just give your baby a bath instead of joining in, it is a great way to reduce a fever and sooth the aches and pains that a fever causes. 

5) Skin-to-skin hold.
The best heat regulator you have is your own body. So, in a warm room, take your baby's clothing off (except for the diaper) and hold him on your bare chest, Your body will immediately start to cool you both down. The excess heat from your baby will be absorbed gently through your own skin. This technique is not only gentle and effective for fever reduction, but it is very calming and comforting to both the you and your infant. If you think that your baby may be feeling cold, you can drape a light cotton blanket over his back. Continue the skin-toskin hold for about 20-30 minutes for the full effect. You can continue the hold longer if you like, but the fever will not drop much further. The hold can be repeated as often as you like.

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