Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Baru nak wish korg...banyak ke buat korban/akikah? Kitorg x buat pun tahun ni. Akikah utk anak2 alhamdulillah dah lama settle. Hari raya baru ni kitorg balik kpg hubby...lagi...:) Kebetulan his relative was ijab kabul on the Saturday, Dec 6. We spent 4 days at Pekan starting from Jumaat till Isnin.

Almost all 4 days it was raining there. I am afraid n worried too if flood will happen at Pekan like last year. The Sg. Pahang water level still in secure mark, i guess but its look high actually. My MIL told me that last year Pekan was like a new island in Pahang. All water had covered and rise most of all area. They seems like 'terputus hubungan' with other side of Pekan. They also having a food shortage, no much raw food they can get from the nearest shop. perghh takutnya. And before i go back this time, i already inform my sis if they found in the news any faces that look like one of our family at the temporary relief shelter, that absolutely us! No doubt! Hahahha..but alhamdulillah we reach our home yesterday in safe n sound.

Yesterday was rainy too n along the way from Pekan to KL. We took almost 4 hours to arrive at Serdang. Everybody look so tired due to long hour sitting in a car. Hubby decide to call a fast-food delivery service for our dinner. So, Domino has been chosen and at 7, both sons get a sleep. Kesian..penat.

- Pizza, chicken wings n soft drink -

"Sorry dear, mama penat sgt. Terpaksa la awak makan fast-food"


saifulramadzan said...

mahal tak piza tue? mcm sedap je?

Shima Sulaiman said...

Yg kitorg mkn tu RM30 je..tp rasa dia kureng la compare ngan Pizza Hut. Harga tu sbb guna voucher promotion ada budak promote kat ITA. Free delivery lagik.