Monday, January 12, 2009

Is that France...???

Palina, we were in France last weekend!!! U dont believe me? Look at this photo...

another one.....Hahahahha dont u ever believe me....we were at Colmar Tropical, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. It was design with a 'france theme' (they said!). Its took about 45min-1 hr to reach there. We've been there last time (masa berchenta2 dulu - 2002 klu x salah), and yesterday we bring our kids to visit the place. We also invited Capt. Pait to join us. At first she refuse to go because she thought it is too far from KL. But at last, when we arrive at Genting Sempah R&R, she called me and said that she's coming..Gatal betul.

Rabbit Park

The 1st place we went once we reach Bukit Tinggi.

Mama mana rabbit.....

"I give you this and you feed the rabbit"....tapi hakimi nyaris nak makan...hishhhh anakku

Never hold a rabbit like this..its gonna kill them..sakit telinga dia. Their staf told us!

A flamingoes, donkeys, turtles, snake (eiiiiwww!!!!) & scorpion also can be found there. The place is not a huge space but they can place all this animal in that limited area. There also a donkey riding but it will start at 2 pm. We didnt wait till 2 coz the sky start cloudy and we worrid that we will miss to visit Colmar Tropical.

We spend there about 1 1/2 hr before we 'hike' to the Colmar Tropical. Of cause, we found many changes compare to our previous visit. So, we show our sons (even they dont understand) our tempat bercinta dulu huhahuha....

The clown is 'making' the sword for both sons.

"What is this hakimi?"
"Pandai anak abah. Since went ayam can swim huh?"

Dont fight la...i luv both of u....dont worry

At 3.30pm, we retun to KL. Both sons and mom hehehehe pengsan...penat jalan tp happy sesgt..

Capt. Pait n Balqis, us..Capt. Wan ambik gamba..


aid said...

ooo patut le sungguh2 ajak kawe....ade udang sebalik mee ekk...mengimbau zaman bercinter dl x po le...kalu x sampai sudah x kenai bukit tinggi tuh camne.....muakahkahkahkahkiok

Shima Sulaiman said...

itu sampingan....motif utama nak bw budak2 tu main ngan rabbit n kenal haiwan...klu x, x de la kimi tu panggil donkey tu cow..Angsa pun dah jadi ayam...kesian budak2 ni x kenal binatang.

Palina said...

Oh you came in france n you didn't tell me lol... Hope u enjoy the visit there ;) See you soon

Shima Sulaiman said...

It's just around the corner huhuhuhu...see ya'