Monday, April 27, 2009

White Rochers

Hakimi memang suka sesgt makan badam. Buat la rupa mana pun badam tu, memang dengan selamba je dia blh abiskan. Kebetulan hari tu jumpa resepi yg berasaskan badam. Tgk barang2nya pun simple and ada dlm fridge. Apa lagi, mula la operasi....yeeehaaaa!!!

X pandai ambik gambar at least blh nampak kan..jom tgk resepinya.

Sumber : Buku 'Temptation of Chocolate' by Alex Goh

200g silvered almonds (aku guna almonds flakes)
40g icing sugar
200g white choclate, melted

1. Moist the silvered almonds with some water. Dust over with icing sugar and mix until well combined.
2. Spread it evenly over a tray lined with baling paper and bake at 180°C. Turning over frequently until it is golden brown. Remove it from the oven. Set aside to cool off.
3. Mix the melted chocolate with the toasted almonds until well combined.
4. Spoon a small heaps of the mixture and place it onto greaseproof paper. Pipe some chocolate patterns on top with melted dark chocolate.
5. Keep in the fridge for 5-10min or until it is set. Remove it from the fridge and keep in cool place at 20°C

I found that it is look messy if i just put on a greasepaper to let the choc. set. So, i prefered to put it in a small papercup. It's look better and of course yummy. Mr.Asben comment that its taste too sweet. But to me, the sweetness is just fine. If u want to try, maybe you need to reduce the qty of the icing sugar. I dont mind to give hakimi n najmi have it coz they are definately an active kid. So, all the sugar (i think ngeh ngeh ngeh) will disolve and change to energy.

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