Sunday, November 23, 2008

Contoh luahan isteri yang kebosanan

what make you bored?
- > coz i am always alone at home (yup my dear hubby work in 4 different shift/mth)

what did you do when u wr bored?
- > i like to cook

so, why dont you cook?
- > nobody will finished it bcoz i am alone at home and it is so boring..

I have my kid with me, i shouldnt be boring..but sometimes i need a 'space' to disregard the routine..hahaha jahat routine --> wake up in the morning, prepare for the breakfast, laundry, tidy-up my house, feed both son, after a while, prepare for lunch, feed them again, get them (and me too) to sleep, later i need to prepare for a tea, feed them, prepare for dinner, feed them again and get them to sleep..finish for 1 day activities. Tomorrow i need to repeat the same. It is almost 3 weeks i was stranded at home during weekend and hubby were busy at his workplace and sometimes bring back his tiredness...argghhhh bosannya....x leh nak gi memana..

Now, it is 12:35am and i am so sleepy to wait for cik bob (afternoon shift).


aid said...

harap2 abg bob bacer le nie ek...muakahkahkahkahkahkiok

Shima Sulaiman said...

baca tapi ......x de maknanya...