Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend yang meletihkan

What a tired weekend...hakimi had a bad fever last wkend. Actually it was started on last Friday and we already bring him to seek a doctor for treatment and medicine. As usual doctor will say, demam biasa je. Adam rehat-rehat, jangan nakal2 ye..ceh..

8.30 pm (31 Oct) - After dine and took medicine, I asked Hakimi to sleep early. He look so sleepy and tired but still cannot close his eyes till 10.00 pm.

1.00 am (1 Nov) - "mama..mama"

"mama tu..tu mama" he sit down and point to one direction
"x de apa2...kita tido ye"

3.00 am (1 Nov) - ""
"kenapa bang"
"mama tu..mama tu" again!

looked at him and one thing come to my head - Did he saw something?! Arghhh i dont want to think about it. Cik bob was in night shift. I was alone with my 2 kids at home. I hug him, put a blanket and blew some doa on his ubun2 and face and asked him to close his eyes. From that hour, not only him, but me also cannot slept hehehehe. During that time, and to ignore the feeling, I wipe hakimi head and body to reduce the heat. When look at him suffer/in pain, it is badly ruin my heart n feeling. Mula la bergenang2 air mata. I cannot bear to see kids/babies sick or get in pain. Those who still not married or man species, you wont understd this feel.

5.45 am (1 Nov) - azan Subuh. Hakimi acted like recited a doa after azan hehehhe. Just after he finished it, he sleep like nothing was happened for the whole night. Kesian Hakimi..Ngantuk sangat tapi x leh tido

11.00 am (1 Nov) - Hakimi fever getting more bad. He started shaking due to very high temperature. I rush to bring him to the clinic. Doctor wait for no long and ask me to remove his pant and diaper. Masuk ubat ikut montot. Later, I drove him back, laid him on ayah bed and he sleep again.

1.oo pm (1Nov) - Capt Pait n co. arrived.

4.00 pm (1 Nov) - Alang n co. arrived.

6.00 pm (1 Nov) - Hakimi start crying. The fever was not recovered. Arghh i started get tension n tired. When you have a guest at home, your son is not well n your husbd was not at home to give a hand, it make you sick too. I need to clean up a place where hakimi vomitted, feed najmi, prepare meal for both family (even they didnt asked but as a host, kena la buat kan kan kan)...memang penat.

6.30 pm (1 nov) - Demam hakimi x kurang jugak. Nekad bawa hakimi jumpa my uncle. Not too far, just across the road. Dia baca2 something dalam air mineral and suddenly look at me.
"Ke mana kau bawa dia berjalan malam2?" He make an angry face. Huh kecut perut gue.
"Alamanda je semalam (Jumaat (31 Nov)) Balik umah lepas maghrib."
He gave a cup of plain water and asked hakimi to drink it. Wipe his face.

That night (1 Nov), at 3.00 am again, he start calling me and point at the same area as last night. I woke up, get the water that my pak cik bacakan doa, wipe his ubun2 and muka. I asked him to sleep and alhamdulillah he can sleep back and wake up in the morning with a smiling face.

Bila dah sihat, hakimi memulakan operasi kembali dengan modus operandi 'membuli atuk'..alahai anak omak..You only can behave nicely when you are sick n sleep!!!

P/S: I am not a superstitious kind of. But I do believe kids can see what adult cannot see. What do you think?


aid said...

ee seramnye cete....loh posal mung x bgtau loteh, kalu x kawe main beli je le....kawe pon x leh buek pape, kawe pon loteh gak time tuh...muakahkahkahkahkiok

Shima Sulaiman said...

sudah la lu...nak kata letih tu x la st tp ngantuk la sbb x tido lena..ala tp bknnya masak bbyk pun...sib baik tokey surada dtg..

palina said...

Sis did ask Hakimi wat he saw? Or maybe it's better to ignore it.
Hope Hakimi is getting well :)

Shima Sulaiman said...

Ask hakimi? Better dont. Becoz he wont answer correctly. That is another one prob. he still cannot speak properly at his age.Exp: When i asked him, "Where is abah?" He will answered "Abah gi keje" even though Mr.Bob kruhhhh kruhhh in the bedrm...:p