Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just explore!

7 years ago I was working in private sector and involved directly in engineering field. But now, I am a government servant and in a totally different field. Gaji toksah ckp la. Totally different la kan..ciput je...but i have my very own reason & finally decide to left my company. It's hard but i have too. Hopefully, one day SOMEONE will appreciate what i had sacrified.

Now, I am eager to learn more about agriculture. If you realize the global current issues is - foods. Everybody keep talking how to increase food production. For asean, of course rice is the main issue. But this entry i wont write about rice yet. Maybe later hehehhe. Tengah kumpul ilmu.

Below is one of my current project. Penanaman cili.

This chili was brought to Malaysia by my BIL. Came back from France (met his beloved one) and only bring chili for me, lol. Huhuhu no la. Many thing he gv me. The one that i still hv, Issey Miyake parfume...but that one is for man la. Ayooo..anyway thanks. X kirim apa2 pun. Tapi mungkin menjaga hati tuan rumah, terpaksalah tabur souvenir utk kami, ahaksss.

I put together a coin of 20 cent beside the chilli. Easy for you to imagine the actual size. Its look small but it is really hot. I already show it to Prof. Hanafi (my superior now) but i dunno what will he do. Now he is bz'ing with upland rice (padi bukit/huma) research, jatropha and kenaf (for biodiesel), errr what else...cannot think...

Why i can update this blog almost daily:p? Because he is not around for a week. He went to Turkey for conference. So, berdondang sayang la I kat office seminggu ni lalalalala..lepas ni berabuk la blog ni jawapnya.

The next entry I will share with you how to plant chilli.


aid said...

nanti gua dtg serdang, pastikan mung asingkan anak pokok cili tuh 1 utk gua tau....muakahkahkahkahkahkiok...gua nk bertani dpn umah

Shima Sulaiman said...

ewahhhh...dah ada 1 sesuai utk disemai..gua simpan nnt utk lu..