Sunday, November 16, 2008

When allowance is priority

What is allowance mean to you? Does it a courage for you to do the task or just want to have it to increase your monthly income? I think both answer are correct. This is the 1st time i was facing a situation where allowance is an argument to do any task/responsible given. People hardly acting like having too many job to do at one time just because to avoid any additional or sudden request by other officer/boss which is no allowance provided for the request/job. However, the 'best actor' always won any competition. That is fact! I cannot deny it!

Since i am 'good in time management' and 'well organized', sometimes people would see me like i have nothing to do from 8-5 daily. Or is this a scene i need to adapt as a government servant. I think government had pampered their staff too much with all this allowance. When this culture being practice at your work place, to me the staff themselves were courage with money, no development in their skill..not good huh? Dont ask for any allowance if in normal condition you always sneaking around. Tak halal tau gaji tu.

Hell, what did i wrote here......never mind. Just want to keep blogging.:)


saifulramadzan said...

~mungkin diorang ada kerja luar yg diorang buat, sbb tue mengular je kot? hahaha~ dont point at me. :) nice blog.

Shima Sulaiman said...

are you sure? or you are part of them hahahha...gurau je.