Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nano ion treatment? Hey wat for...

What? A nano ion treatment for my head? Hello...i am not having any heavy headache or migraine okey...so far and alhamdulillah i have a wonderful and healthy life. Only sometimes a bit grey due to working peak season, yes of course...when student register for a new semester..penat woo..

Dealing with Iranian, Bangladeshi, Colombian, Indonesian etc sometimes might cause a headache. I cannot get angry in front of them coz they are my customer. And the customer is always right, right?. That is how the ISO Certified university biz. But not all gov. servant understand the meaning of ISO where i was handle it for past 7 years huhuhuhu.

Here is the scarf that the promoter said can improve your health problem - migraine/dandruff/hair falls/blood circulation....eh mcm promoter plak i ni.

Pau gambar dr FP Capt. Pait.
I am not dare to try this on. You know, this thing will be cover your head which is the nearest part to your brain. I never read any testimonial or legal approval from Ministry of Health yet, so i dont want to sacrifice my head for this trial huhuhuhu. If one day, there is one wire break or one switch been turn off from any of my brain cell, i'll get 'black-out'....then who will responsible...eiiii takutnya..

Should i try...should i dont....should i try..should i dont...erk..jam.


fiza said...

bape regenye tuh??

Shima Sulaiman said...

60 hengget..tp adik akak kata blh byr 2 kali...x kisah le brp kali byr pun tp x berani le nak try..